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Legal services

A well-documented deal guarantees flawless development Franchising is a highly convenient business model with worldwide-proven efficiency. On the one hand, it offers a brilliant opportunity not only to expand the company’s trademark with their partners’ help, but also to get royalties for that. On the other hand, there are prospects of conquering the market with […]


Your success guaranteed Have you decided to sell your franchise? That means there’s a lot to do. To be more specific, you’ll need a franchise agreement, a full set of documents and so on. If you want it to go smoothly, Konsaltika’s team of franchising professionals is there to help you. Even before the first […]

Websites and landing pages for your business

A convenient marketing tool with a high conversion rate It isn’t easy to sell franchise licenses. The high price of the product and a lot of stages in the transaction lead to a potentially long search for a prospective franchisee. A landing page must be created when you are selling a turnkey franchise package. What […]

Management document package

Franchising is getting more and more popular in Russia. It is beneficial primarily to SME because novice entrepreneurs want to minimize their risks and get a ready-to-implement, time-proven business idea that will let them run a profitable and successful business. The document package for the management actually lets you feel out a new business opportunity […]

Franchisor document package

Franchising is getting more and more popular in Russia because novice entrepreneurs see a lot of opportunities to develop and grow a business. They use the franchisor’s trademark, technology, methods and ways of doing business. Your name shapes your destiny A brand is something extremely important for business, if not crucial.  Franchising is a business […]

Audit of your existing franchise

Analyzing the franchise program A franchise audit is a number of activities aimed at revealing strengths and weaknesses of the franchise program and developing proposals to improve it. It can be carried out internally or with the help of external experts. The result of a franchise audit is a report on the franchise. Who to choose: […]

Brand book and corporate identity

Brand awareness and competitiveness. Guaranteed. In order for general public to recognize a company visually, perceive it as a unity and for the company to create an easy-to-recognize image, the latter should invest in the corporate identity. What does creating a corporate identity mean? Can a company do without it? What are its advantages? These […]

Franchise operations manual

Basis for cooperation Franchising is one of the most convenient business models. It helps some companies develop and grow further, it helps some other companies make their first baby steps on the market. A franchisee’s manual, or franchise operations manual, is extremely important for the implementation of this model, and franchising professionals will help you […]