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Franchisor document package

Franchising is getting more and more popular in Russia because novice entrepreneurs see a lot of opportunities to develop and grow a business. They use the franchisor’s trademark, technology, methods and ways of doing business.

Your name shapes your destiny

A brand is something extremely important for business, if not crucial.  Franchising is a business model based on utilizing business ideas and trademarks of a successful and popular company. The franchise agreement implies that certain conditions are met. The scheme of cooperation between the owners of a successful company (franchisors) and the novice entrepreneurs (franchisees) is quite simple. They sign a franchise sale contract that lets the latter start up a new company using a prominent brand. This important document is an agreement about the terms of cooperation and it clarifies all the details and subtleties.

Novice entrepreneurs get a range of benefits, such as:

  • brand awareness;
  • franchise business plan;
  • minimum number of risks;
  • full training and support at each stage;
  • advertising campaigns for all new products and services by the franchisor.

In other words, you’ll buy a time-proven, refined through the years, ready-to-implement business idea and start making money.

Reliable partner

Moscow-based Konsaltika Group of Companies is there to help you start up a company from scratch.  We have a wide range of franchise categories to offer. We have been in franchising and copyright for more than 9 years.  Our portfolio can boast more than 70 implemented projects. Among our partners are BUYBRAND Expo participants. Thanks to Konsaltika, you’ll get a ready-to-operate business with excellent growth prospects.

Here’s what is done at each of the main stages of placing an order with us:

  1. an application submitted by the client.
  2. the client’s company and its competitors analyzed.
  3. a face-to-face meeting between the client and Konsaltika’s team, all rights and obligations discussed, client’s needs clarified.
  4. our business proposal (quotation) prepared.
  5. the agreement signed.
  6. our services paid.
  7. all the necessary documents prepared.
  8. project kick-off, organizational and financial activities started.

One powerful advantage of Konsaltika Group of Companies is competitive prices for our services, if compared with our rivals’. So, what are the documents for the franchisee’s owner?

Documents for a franchise

First, it is important to mention that each case is unique, and the list of documents will vary depending on what exactly the company does, on the franchise terms, etc. You can buy not only the trademark rights, but also cutting-edge technology, ways of doing business, financial model, etc. However, there is a list of documents applicable in most cases. These are:

  • a franchise sale contract, which can be ordered from Konsaltika. It is the most important document.  It specifies the points related to using the business name, subtle aspects of building a business, producing goods, etc. We can prepare a contract that factors in all the features of your business and your wishes;
  • a franchise presentation file with the main information about your company, all the advantages of your franchise, terms and conditions of buying it, financial figures, and support that a novice entrepreneur will get. All the details and issues are agreed on before putting signatures;
  • a financial model. In essence, it is the business plan you need as it provides a detailed estimation of the investments and profits. This document must show the entrepreneur the financial efficiency and attractiveness of the franchise. It is made in the form of spreadsheets with accounting information. The figures shown are investments needed to kick-off the business, revenues and expenses for the coming several years, pay-off period and ROI;
  • a location assessment presentation. It is an instruction on following the franchisor’s rules regarding the location of the selected premises;
  • premises selection requirements. It provides information about technical and zoning requirements in the form of a presentation.


It is the main document through which the franchisor hands over to the franchisee the right to utilize the smoothly running business system, brand, technology and other corporate privileges. Konsaltika Group of Companies is happy to offer you a franchise sale contract that factors in the following:

  1. exercise of rights;
  2. managerial, technical, financial, legal assistance and advice offered by the franchisor, especially at the early stages;
  3. quality control methods for the goods produced and services provided;
  4. clearing payments and offsets;
  5. liability of the parties in case of non-compliance and breach of the contract.

Make sure your experts familiarize themselves with the document, carefully look into each point because it sets out the rules to work by. Clarify all rights of each party, terms of cooperation, working conditions and other subtleties. Only when you have done it, you are ready to sign it. All the important points should be stipulated in the contract because they might determine your future business success.

We are interested in your success. That is why we are happy to advise you on any issues arising before you sign the franchise agreement, to assist you in starting up your own business the way it makes you profit and maintains an unblemished reputation.

The franchise presentation

It is an important marketing aspect of a new business. Its main purpose is to ignite end customers’ interest in your goods or services. Konsaltika Group of Companies has experts that will help you arrange your presentation events the way they will be long remembered for being valuable, pleasant and easy to understand. We will persuade the end customer in your expert knowledge and professional integrity. We will emphasize your strengths taking into account your business features, consumer demand and other factors.  The presentation is usually designed to be used in a video presentation, MMS campaigns, printing out as promotional material (booklets, brochures, leaflets), etc. We will offer the most suitable option in each case and will showcase your new company. You can increase your client base, grow and make profit from doing business.

The franchise presentation can have different price tags depending on what the company does, complexity of our work, etc.

The financial model

The franchise business plan is what most entrepreneurs consider to be the main document when signing the agreement. It is this document that shows the franchisees how much money they will have to invest, what the risks and estimated profits are.  The franchise business plan, or the financial model, usually include:

  • investment cost,
  • approximate operational costs,
  • estimated turnover, average purchase amount (receipt, restaurant bill, check) and profit,
  • seasonality and rate of achieving the expected turnover.

In order to make the financial model of your franchise, Konsaltika’s experts analyze the market and factor in all the subtleties of the new business, thus minimizing your risks and making your business profitable.

Collecting documents and prices of our services

It stands to reason that the franchisor has to have all the necessary documents prepared before the two parties sign the agreement. It usually takes quite a lot of time, 4 to 6 weeks. More often than not we prepare a standard package: a presentation, a financial model, a location assessment presentation, premises selection requirements. However, each case is unique, and the set of documents might vary. It depends on the business features, the market, financial aspects, etc. These same factors determine the prices of our services. Our experts are happy to answer your questions about that.

Konsaltika Group of Companies offers franchising-related services at the most competitive prices in Moscow. We’ll do our best for the success of your business!

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