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Management document package

Franchising is getting more and more popular in Russia. It is beneficial primarily to SME because novice entrepreneurs want to minimize their risks and get a ready-to-implement, time-proven business idea that will let them run a profitable and successful business. The document package for the management actually lets you feel out a new business opportunity and see it already realized in working formats. Franchisees can choose the sphere that they like best or that is most financially appealing.

Konsaltika Group of Companies, which promotes turnkey franchises in Moscow, can be your best partner on your road to success. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding franchising. Konsaltika’s experts will provide practical assistance at each stage of your business’s growth, from choosing the sphere to work in to putting together sales scripts and a franchise marketing plan. Which documents are included in the document package for the management? How long will it take to have them prepared? How much does it all cost? Let’s take a closer look at it.

The franchise marketing strategy

Every novice entrepreneur buying a franchise needs to set long-term goals and fine-tune the business. It is worth mentioning that a fast marketing strategy is yet to be invented.  As a rule, it takes several years of dedicated and painstaking work according to a well-defined plan called a marketing strategy. It is possible to adopt the experience of successful foreign companies and blend it with the subtleties of the local target market using international time-proven marketing techniques. It is also possible to choose to use one’s own advertising strategies never used by foreign companies before, but it is riskier and hard to implement.

In practice, checklists that have been used for a long time by international marketers come in handy. They include:

  1. trends in development of current trade methods;
  2. assessment of franchisee’s available financing;
  3. strategic goals set for each stage;
  4. determining the resources needed to reach the goals;
  5. company structure assessment including recruitment, organizing the company into departments, etc.

Once the marketing audit has been carried out, it is necessary to develop a number of activities, set targets for each department of the franchisee. Selecting the retail and office equipment, providing consulting services, sometimes securing a loan for the new company come next.

Besides, the following must be arranged:

  • conducting market research to understand current demand for this or that product or service;
  • promoting the brand;
  • putting together the franchise promotion plan;
  • fine-tuning the sales script;
  • running advertising campaigns to promote the product or service;
  • preparing the personnel training program, etc.

It is believed that a well-designed marketing strategy determines about 70% of the new business’s success. That is why it is so important to seek professional advice, and Konsaltika Group of Companies is ready to give it to you. The price you pay for the franchise marketing strategy is in fact your investment in your own business.  For the franchisor-franchisee relationship to be productive, the franchisee should:

  1. understand the future business trajectory;
  2. have financial and human resources;
  3. wish to develop and overcome difficulties.

Business does not always take off. According to statistics, about 90% of companies in Russia started without help and support from a consultancy or without a franchise do not live to celebrate their first birthday. Konsaltika’s experts will do their best to minimize your expenses and use of resources and give your new business a head start, even if it takes years to succeed.

The franchise promotion plan: save time

Modern-day franchising is an efficient way of doing business. If you place an order for a franchise promotion plan with us, you will get a step-by-step instruction on what to do. You won’t need to calculate risk, analyze the market or fight for the customer. It is sufficient to simply follow the plan and make a profit. It does not mean, however, that you must silently answer orders by Franchisor the Great. Not at all. The thing is, a lot of work has been done for you, and there are tips, valuable knowledge for you to use in real life and implement with minimum risks. The main advantage of the document package for the management is about saving you time. You are getting a ready-to-implement business proposal with a clear franchise promotion plan and do not spend years and years of your precious life trying to figure it all out through trial and error.

Konsaltika Group of Companies is happy to put together a franchise promotion plan for you, relying on our vast experience and the best international marketing strategies that have proven successful.

Understanding your target audience is the cornerstone of your success

There are different groups of people: some are scared stiff at the thought of purchasing goods and services costing millions of dollars, others take it as child’s play. This principle works in your business too. We are talking about your target audience. What we must understand is who will be interested in your product and who is your ideal client.  If it is your intention to sell, for instance, men’s sports footwear, you will see young and middle-aged men who prefer sports clothes, do sports, etc. If your service is hair extension, your clients are likely to be girls and women. Preparation of a marketing strategy and step-by-step business plan is based on that. We bear in mind the target audience and analyze the domestic market when drafting the documents.

The sales script: developing trade links

A plan for communication between a seller and a buyer is extremely important in today’s business. It allows to increase the conversion rate and the number of sales. This way to attract new clients does not require large investments or specific knowledge from the personnel. A prescribed set of talking points is all you need. Although they might be very different, an ideal sales script must include:

  • information on your business’s special features. It is vital to bear the target audience in mind while writing the script.  We can put together several scripts aimed at different groups of people because, at the end of the day, your business success depends on them;
  • several scenarios of the conversation, such as prospect’s refusal or interest;
  • incomplete dialog between the prospect and the employee or manager, who must put the dialog on the right track by personalizing it.

A well-written script will help to standardize the personnel’s actions and increase the number of sales.

Sales scripts for retail and for the service industry differ. Retail is about selling products.  The script is long because a lot of various scenarios of client’s behavior must be included.  An increase in sales right here right now is what we need. However, in the case of services, the prospect’s first contact with the company is over the phone. The goal is to make the prospect visit the company. It is highly advisable to order a separate script for each segment. It will bring more clients and improve the chances of making a profit.

What are the main parts of a sales script? Konsaltika Group of Companies will be happy to put together a preliminary script for your employees and managers when speaking to a prospect. A sales script might include:

  1. a greeting.
  2. understanding the consumer’s needs.
  3. a presentation of the product.
  4. replies to objections.
  5. closing a sale.

With our help and support you will be able to increase the number of trade links and commissions, understand the target audience’s needs.

Cooperation: you and konsaltika

Konsaltika Group of Companies is respected by the capital’s entrepreneurs. We managed to gain their trust thanks to our packaged deal approach and comprehensive strategy for franchise promotion in Moscow and thanks to our competitive prices. If you need to have a marketing strategy made, a sales script written and to kickstart a new business, order a franchise from us. Here’s how we work:

  • we receive the application and analyze client’s website;
  • we discuss and agree on the implementation plan. In the face-to-face meeting between our experts and the client’s representatives we discuss any emerging issues, make some rough calculations about the franchise-related expenses, estimate profits, elaborate on business trajectories;
  • we put together our business proposal (quotation) and send it to the client;
  • we prepare, discuss and sign a cooperation agreement.

Once all the subtleties are clarified, the upfront money has been paid, we get started: we kick-off work on the project and prepare the necessary documents. It takes some documents longer to get ready than others, depending on the nature of business, the full list of documents for the management, anticipated workload, special characteristics of the market and other factors.

As for the operating business, we can perform a full, detailed audit, find out the reasons for the slow development and find ways out of tough economic situations.

Konsaltika group of companies: advantages

Even two identical businesses might not be offered the same document package because Konsaltika’s service is absolutely custom-tailored and aimed at maximizing the use of franchisor’s resources and minimizing novice entrepreneurs’ risks. Our services are very competitively priced, just compare our prices in the price list on our website and those of our competitors.

We have already participated in franchise promotion for more than 70 new businesses. These are the most frequent sectors companies work in:

  1. production of goods and services;
  2. retail;
  3. education and training;
  4. public catering;
  5. entertainment;
  6. beauty and wellness.

We create marketing strategies for and promote all types of companies with a view to entering the cross-border and worldwide market. Our partners are companies well-known in Russia – ADAMAS, EKSMO, REMIT, KOSMIK, Ksenia Sobchak’s Bublik, to name just a few.

At Konsaltika, we have proven ourselves to be the leaders. Entrust the complex matter of document preparation to the leaders! We are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business Opora Russia. Receive the necessary documents and expert opinion from us.

Feel free to find out about the time frames and current prices by calling at +7 (495) 789-59-58 or writing to