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Websites and landing pages for your business

A convenient marketing tool with a high conversion rate

It isn’t easy to sell franchise licenses. The high price of the product and a lot of stages in the transaction lead to a potentially long search for a prospective franchisee. A landing page must be created when you are selling a turnkey franchise package. What follows is some information about a landing page, why it is worth making, and what advantages it has to offer.


A landing page is a standalone web page (or a website) that consists of several sections, or content blocks. Its purpose is to advertise a certain product or service, in our case a franchise license, and to reach a certain goal set by the campaign (to be discussed further).

Differences between a landing page and a standard website

Standard websites are usually created in order to share information with a visitor. The purpose of a landing page is different. It has a call to action.

A visitor to the franchise landing page might be offered to

  • make an appointment;
  • download a price list;
  • purchase a product;
  • get the calculations of the estimated profit, expenses, project’s ROI and other useful information;
  • meet the franchisor.

It all depends on the franchise type, target audience and other circumstances. Taking these factors into account, Konsaltika’s experts select the most suitable call to action (not necessarily from the list above as it’s fully tailored to your needs). It must bring value to our client.

The benefits for the visitor seem obvious. What about the franchisor? Here’s what you get:

  1. a prospective franchisee’s contact details (phone number and/or email, other details);
  2. a face-to-face meeting or negotiations using modern technology, with an interested client;
  3. eventually, a sale of the franchise license.

Advantages of a franchise landing page

Why is it highly advisable to have a franchise landing page created for you? Standalone web pages have the following advantages:

  • well-selected target audience (you’ll be showing pros to and dealing with issues of a defined category of prospective franchisees);
  • a higher conversion rate if compared to other means of promotion;
  • a clear structure and an easy navigation;
  • a fast-to-make website saves you time.

Sections on the landing page

The whole efficiency of the landing page depends on its well-chosen structure. It’s impossible to create one unless there is a clear understanding of the target audience for the franchising program.  That is why it is necessary to conduct market research and create the ideal franchisee’s profile before working on the landing page. This way we’ll find out what the target audience’s interests and demands are as well as what they are afraid of, what keeps them motivated, what makes them feel emotional or excited. Such knowledge facilitates the development of a landing page.

There might be various sections; some are a must, some are optional. They include:

  1. a unique selling proposition;
  2. one or several text sections;
  3. a call to action;
  4. gallery (in most cases).

The first section contains the main headline that must grab the visitors’ attention and persuade them to read the whole text. The UVP (unique value proposition) is usually stated there. If one headline is not enough, the second one is created. It looks very simple. The first sentence is followed by the other one in the next line.

The second and third sections usually contain the most important information about the franchise. It should be concise and appropriate to the prospective franchisee’s needs as well as prevent any objections they might raise. The advantages of the offer would come in very handy here. Everything should be well-structured, with bulleted lists and the right amount of information in each part. Geographic coverage of the company must be mentioned also. For instance, one franchise license is only for sale in one particular country while another one is for certain countries, yet another one is sold all over the world.

The fourth section is usually about confidence indicators, in case of a franchise landing page – current franchisees’ testimonials. They mention their results and how long it took them to get those since the start of the franchising program. So, some photos would be suitable here. Another type of indicators is related to business and should be accompanied by a chart.

As a rule, the last section of a landing page contains a call to action (CTA) button. We want your prospects to click on it. Visually this section is different from the rest, with more contrasting hues, and the CTA button is easy to notice. Marketers, copyrighters and designers are all focused on attracting visitors’ attention and make them click that button.

Requirements for a franchise landing page

What should a good franchise landing page be like? A high conversion rate is important. Its main purpose is to attract a prospective franchisee. Our experts consider the following requirements for a good landing page:

  • only fully tailored service.

We have experience and expertise. We know what works and what doesn’t, but we don’t use templates. Every industry, business area, every case is different, so you can be sure your landing page will be developed from scratch especially for your franchise;

  • a well-selling text and a motivating design.

Every sentence or phrase on the landing page has a certain goal. They highlight the advantages of the franchise, address potential issues, show benefits. Long texts will do no good as visitors might get lost in the amount of information and simply never see the call to action button.

The text is extremely important, but design complements textual information and allows for its better acquisition. Visually attractive design will make the message of the landing page clearer and will lead to clicking the call to action button. Excessive creativity is not needed either;

  • simplicity.

The landing page must be well-structured, every element leading to a sale, thus no redundant features such as banners or links must be there. Otherwise, there’s a risk that the visitor will leave the page without reading the offer. That is why there might be quite a lot of empty space on a landing page.

Ready to order?

Once you’ve decided that you want Konsaltika to prepare the landing page as part of the All Inclusive turnkey package or as a separate service, call us or send us an email. In either case you’ll get a top-quality well-functioning website working to cover your needs.

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll arrange to discuss the nature of your business, the franchising program, its conditions and expected results. Our experts will analyze the information they’ll have received from you. On the agreed date there will be a meeting between our managers and the representatives of your company. It must lead to our personal offer that will contain our vision to promote your franchise. The offer can be revised if need be.

The next step will be to prepare the agreement to be signed by both parties. Having received the payment, our specialists will kick-start the process.

The price and time frame necessary to make a landing page might vary as they depend on a number of factors:

  1. the industry or business area;
  2. characteristics of the franchise and target audience;
  3. complexity of the project;
  4. the number of sections on the website;
  5. design requirements;
  6. other nuances.

If this service is ordered separately, it usually takes between 4 and 12 weeks to have the landing page made. Our experts plan the work duration when they analyze your business and its needs, so when the agreement is signed, you will be aware of the time horizon. If the service is part of a package, the time horizon might differ and will be discussed.

Contact us. Here’s why

Konsaltika Group of Companies is specialized in franchising. We know almost everything there is to know about it. That is why we will take into consideration all the nuances other contractors might fail to notice. We are as good at creating a landing page as we are at the other services we offer. Our advantages include:

  1. we are proud of our more than 70 implemented projects;
  2. our management has been in franchising for more than 8 years;
  3. we are equipped with domestic and foreign projects;
  4. we have experience and expertise across various industries and areas (retail, public catering, education, beauty, health, etc.).

Order a landing page for a turnkey franchise, and you’ll get a top-quality website with a great conversion rate.